Corum: The Oldest Capital Of Anatolia

Corum is one of the most significant cities of Turkey’s Central Anatolia region. The city is well-known for its roasted chickpea production; but it is only the visible part of the iceberg.

Have you heard about the Hittites, one of the first civilizations of the world? Just kidding, of course you heard. The question is… Did you know the capital of the Hittites, Hattusa, is in Corum?

Or have you heard that Alacahoyuk, that is a very important archeological site belonging to the Neolithic age is also in Corum.

So much history in one city, right? Then pack your bags and join to the adventure of exploring this extraordinary city.

Top attractions in Corum


The city Corum, located in the Central Anatolian region of Turkey host a very special city. Hattusa is the capital of Hittite empire that was the first Anatolian civilization and the nation that made a lot of “firsts” in Anatolia.


Hittites are the first civilization on historical ages that came to Anatolia and called “dibs.” Therefore, they are the first settlers of the region. The Hittites were a matriarchal civilization that gave women a great importance. How cool is that they were feminists thousands of years ago even though women are still fighting for their rights on our time.


Lying within the boundaries of middle Anatolian cities like Nevsehir, Kayseri and Aksaray; Cappadocia is one of the main touristic areas of Turkey containing the most extraordinary sightseeings such as Uchisar, Urgup, Goreme, Avanos and Zelve.


Ankara is the capital of Turkish Republic, yes that is a fact. But did you know that it used to be one of the most important Roman settlements in Anatolia and hosted many civilization like Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Byzantians and many more.

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