Lake Salda

Lake Salda: Maldives Of Turkey

Are you in the mood for exploring one of the deepest and clearest lakes of Turkey? Well, then you are going to need to visit the city Burdur and head to Lake Salda that is also known as the Maldives of Turkey.

I can hear you saying why they call it like this. You will understand when you see it; but here is a little trailer:

Lake Salda resembles paradise with its white sand beach and crystal clear water along with the serenade of bird songs and the heavenly sky. Surrounded by the multiple shades of green forests, Lake Salda is a great place to relax and chill.

Visit Lake Salda, you will see we are not exaggerating its beauty.

Top attractions in Lake Salda


In Turkey, you can come by an ancient city in each corner. One of the most magnificent of them is Sagalassos ancient city located on Taurus Mountains within the borders of city Burdur. The city is called “the city in the clouds” because it was one of the highest cities of the time.
Sagalassos Acient City Historical Castle Column Ruins.


When thinking of Turkey, Burdur is not the first think comes to mind to be honest. However we guarantee that you will not stop thinking about it after your first visit.


Turkey has a lot to offer when it comes to amazing natural wonders. Every corner is a miracle a magic work of mother nature.Pamukkale is obviously one of the first places comes to mind when talking about Turkey's natural beauties.


Did you know that the real birthplace of Saint Nicholas is in Demre (Myra), Antalya? Well, now you know. Isn’t it amazing that a city has it all from natural wonders and great beaches to an incomparable historical legacy piled up for centuries. Antalya is known as the biggest city lying along the Mediterranean coast and one of the most popular tourism destinations of Turkey.

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