Konya: The City Of Whirling Dervishes


Konya is one of the most important cities of Turkey, located on the Central Anatolia region of the country. The city gracefully earns the title with its famous Mevlana, the Sufi mystic mostly known as Rumi worldwide. Being the symbol of tolerance and humanism, Rumi has been a guide to many people on this journey we call life.


Here you can catch a whirling dervishes show performed by the followers of Rumi. It is a great performance, opening many spiritual paths for the watchers. You should also go see Rumi’s Mausoleum and learn more about his life and his philosophy.


In Konya, you can also see one of the Seljukian architectural masterpieces Sultanhan Caravanserai. It is a glorious historical building that was used as a hotel used by travelers of the time for eating and spending the night.


For a spiritual awakening, Konya is waiting for you with open arms.

Top attractions in Konya

Lake Tuz ( Lake Salt )

Here is one of the most Instagrammable places of Turkey: Lake Salt. Being a great wonder of nature, the Lake Salt offers a magical view where the crystal waters of the lake make acquaintance with sky in the smoothest way possible and creates an effect like you are walking along the lake to reach sky at some point.


Are you in the mood for discovering the ancient region in the heart of Anatolia? Lycaonia if the large region, neighbors with the important ancient cities like Galatia, Phrygia and Pisidia.


Lying within the boundaries of middle Anatolian cities like Nevsehir, Kayseri and Aksaray; Cappadocia is one of the main touristic areas of Turkey containing the most extraordinary sightseeings such as Uchisar, Urgup, Goreme, Avanos and Zelve.


Did you know that the real birthplace of Saint Nicholas is in Demre (Myra), Antalya? Well, now you know. Isn’t it amazing that a city has it all from natural wonders and great beaches to an incomparable historical legacy piled up for centuries. Antalya is known as the biggest city lying along the Mediterranean coast and one of the most popular tourism destinations of Turkey.


In Turkey, you can come by an ancient city in each corner. One of the most magnificent of them is Sagalassos ancient city located on Taurus Mountains within the borders of city Burdur. The city is called “the city in the clouds” because it was one of the highest cities of the time.
Sagalassos Acient City Historical Castle Column Ruins.


Turkey’s Garden of Eden Isparta is located in the Mediterranean region of the country. Well-known with its lavender fields and rose gardens, Isparta looks like a great place to visit to us.

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