Hittites: The First Anatolian Civilization


Hittites are the first civilization on historical ages that came to Anatolia and called “dibs.” Therefore, they are the first settlers of the region. The Hittites were a matriarchal civilization that gave women a great importance. How cool is that they were feminists thousands of years ago even though women are still fighting for their rights on our time.


Their capital city was Hattusa, located in Corum that is an important city of the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.


In Hattusa you can explore the Hittite legacy in Anatolia that has been a craddle of many civilizations throughout its history. You can travel back in time while visiting Hattusa’s many ancient ruins and remains of temples, fortifications, exquisite ornations, etc… You can see the open air sanctuary, the splendid Lion’s Gate, Royal Gate and Tunnel and many more.


The Hittites made the “firsts” of Anatolia; the first war with Egyptians, the first peace treaty, the first iron products… All can be discovered in Hattusa. Their symbol was the. Ancient wheel, resembling a giant sun that is still used as a great image on this date.


If you are in the mood for opening a window to the past, visit the lands of the great Hittite Empire and hear the stories that it has to tell.

Top attractions in Hittites


The city Corum, located in the Central Anatolian region of Turkey host a very special city. Hattusa is the capital of Hittite empire that was the first Anatolian civilization and the nation that made a lot of “firsts” in Anatolia.

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