Cappadocia: The Land Of Beautiful Horses

Lying within the boundaries of middle Anatolian cities like Nevsehir, Kayseri and Aksaray; Cappadocia is one of the main touristic areas of Turkey containing the most extraordinary sightseeings such as Uchisar, Urgup, Goreme, Avanos and Zelve.

Dating back to the ancient ages, Cappadocia had been under the reign of many different nations, accumulated all the juicy stuff from these nations and created its very own unique history and culture. Cappadocia’s well-deserved fame of course mostly stems from the fairy chimneys that are probably the most amazing, most weird natural formations one can ever see.

Persians that ruled these lands for a long time, called the place as Katpatuka meaning “the land of beautiful horses.” This name comes from the fact that, the local residents were great horse masters and they raised a very special and noble kind of horse in the area: Jades. If this did not come familiar at first, let us remind you Shadowfax, the snowy white of Gandalf that runs faster than the wind in the Lord of the Rings series. This information might not give you the meaning of life of course, but you can impress your friends.

Fasten your seatbelts, because in Cappadocia you will come across to the most unforgettable, most iconic scenes like “Sunrise in Cappadocia” , “Sunset in Cappadocia” or “Cappadocia under snow”… It is different in every season of year, every moment of the days. It is timeless. With every step you take, with every corner you turn you will have memories that will stick with you forever. We say “This makes me want to be a poet” when we see something very inspiring and Cappadocia is definitely is a place that makes one want to be a poet. And for the people that are not gifted with great poetry skills, they can also try their chances with photography. Cappadocia is the perfect spot for that.

In Cappadocia you can see the rock-carved houses, monasteries, churches in Goreme Open Air Museum, you can enjoy the amazing sunrise on a hot-air balloon trip with the first daylights in Urgup, you can take a journey seven floors underground and take an insight look into ancient people’s daily lives, security measures, religious rituals in Derinkuyu. You can take a long; but mesmerizing walk in Ihlara Valley that looks a lot like paradise. In Uchisar you can enjoy the great views of the area and in Avanos you can learn the details of the pottery art and you can even create your own mug, jug or pot.

Top attractions in Cappadocia


Goreme, home of the magnificent fairy chimneys, is one of the main touristic spots of Nevsehir and one of the first places that witnessed the spread of Christianity.


When it comes to Urgup, first scene comes to mind is the rise of a beautiful full moon between two fairy chimneys standing side by side; but looking opposite directions as two lovers who are angry with each other.


Did you know that Avanos is the heart of pottery production in Cappadocia, following the footsteps of Hittite culture? Being a home for fairy chimneys that are some of the most eccentric natural formations of Turkey, of the world really is more than enough.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme Open Air Museum is one of the largest open air museums of the world, that is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. In amazing ancient city, there are numerous houses, churches, monasteries, graves and schools were built by carving the rocks thousands of years ago.


Uchisar hosts the Uchisar Castle that is the perfect spot for the visitors who would like to enjoy the Cappadocia’s amazing panoramic view that is beyond comparison from the top.

Uchisar Castle

Uchisar Castle is the perfect spot for the visitors who would like to enjoy the Cappadocia’s amazing panoramic view that is beyond comparison from the top. It consists of two majestic rocks with many houses graves, vaults and sanctuaries carved on them with great efforts.

Kaymakli Underground City

Kaymakli is an important underground city of Cappadocia that is built for defence and protection purposes. Today 4 layers of the city is open to visitors. It is consisting of the rooms, worshipping areas, vaults, graves and barns that interconnected via ladders, passages and narrow holes.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Derinkuyu Underground City was first built for the hiding and protection needs of first Christians that settled in the area and today it is one of the biggest underground cities of Cappadocia.


Nevsehir, originally named as Nissa by the ancient civilizations Hittites, has been one of the most important tourism and agriculture centers of its region. It is a very well-known travel destination not only for Turkey; but for the whole world.

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