Avanos: The Land Of Fairy Chimneys & Pottery


Did you know that Avanos is the heart of pottery production in Cappadocia, following the footsteps of Hittite culture? Being a home for fairy chimneys that are some of the most eccentric natural formations of Turkey, of the world really is more than enough. But, producing such great pottery products  from clay? That is some other level. Let’s take a look at Avanos and what is so great about it.


Where is Avanos?


Avanos is a town of Nevsehir, included in the famous touristic region of Cappadocia accompanied by the amazing views of Kizilirmak (the Red River).


When should I visit Avanos?


Avanos with its magical fairy chimneys displays amazing natural scenes in every season. It is a great view seeing the fairy chimneys under the snowy sky; however it is also amazing to watch hot air balloons floating in the clear sky above the natural wonders.


How can I go to Avanos?


Nevsehir has its own airport, however you can also fly to Kayseri Erkilet airport and take a quick drive to Avanos with car or bus.


Where should I stay in Avanos?


Well, Cappadocia has a great variety of hotels, chain hotels, boutique hotels,etc… But for a unique experience, you can prefer to stay in a cave hotel.


What will I see in Avanos?


Avanos is one of the first places that Christianity started to spread, walking along the ancient cobble-stone street you may open a window to the past and explore city’s history. Zelve is one of the residence of early Christians lived on these lands and it is home to many traditional Christian houses and worshipping places. Zelve also has some of the most unique fairy chimneys that gives it a Star Wars location that is just cool.


You can visit the churches of Cavusin (Nicephorus Phocas) and Gulludere (Saint Agathangelus) to explore the Christian legacy in the town and admire the amazing architecture.


You can also discover the mystical Ozkonak Underground City that is consisted of many narrow holes that are tunnels between the living areas. With latest excavations, the ventilation system, the water well and the winery of the city has been brought to surface of the earth. If you are looking for an adventure, you must definitely visit this underground city that is built for security reasons.


As Avanos is the center of pottery in Turkey, why not join a pottery workshop following the tradition of Hittites to create amazing vases, mugs, cooking pots and anything you can imagine really.


Saying Goodbye


Avanos is one of the most unique touristic destinations of Turkey with its cultural legacy and unique craftsmanship. It is for sure that you will leave with great memories to remember for a lifetime. Do not forget to buy some souvenirs from pottery shops for your loved ones.

Top attractions in Avanos


Lying within the boundaries of middle Anatolian cities like Nevsehir, Kayseri and Aksaray; Cappadocia is one of the main touristic areas of Turkey containing the most extraordinary sightseeings such as Uchisar, Urgup, Goreme, Avanos and Zelve.


Goreme, home of the magnificent fairy chimneys, is one of the main touristic spots of Nevsehir and one of the first places that witnessed the spread of Christianity.


When it comes to Urgup, first scene comes to mind is the rise of a beautiful full moon between two fairy chimneys standing side by side; but looking opposite directions as two lovers who are angry with each other.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme Open Air Museum is one of the largest open air museums of the world, that is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. In amazing ancient city, there are numerous houses, churches, monasteries, graves and schools were built by carving the rocks thousands of years ago.


Uchisar hosts the Uchisar Castle that is the perfect spot for the visitors who would like to enjoy the Cappadocia’s amazing panoramic view that is beyond comparison from the top.

Uchisar Castle

Uchisar Castle is the perfect spot for the visitors who would like to enjoy the Cappadocia’s amazing panoramic view that is beyond comparison from the top. It consists of two majestic rocks with many houses graves, vaults and sanctuaries carved on them with great efforts.

Kaymakli Underground City

Kaymakli is an important underground city of Cappadocia that is built for defence and protection purposes. Today 4 layers of the city is open to visitors. It is consisting of the rooms, worshipping areas, vaults, graves and barns that interconnected via ladders, passages and narrow holes.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Derinkuyu Underground City was first built for the hiding and protection needs of first Christians that settled in the area and today it is one of the biggest underground cities of Cappadocia.


Nevsehir, originally named as Nissa by the ancient civilizations Hittites, has been one of the most important tourism and agriculture centers of its region. It is a very well-known travel destination not only for Turkey; but for the whole world.

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