Lydia: Invention Of Money

Are you interested in to visit the lands where the coins were invented on the face of the earth? One may call Lydians heroes as they put an end to the bargaining system that caused misery to people thinking about how many eggs they could have bought with their chicken.

Lydian Kingdom was one of the first civilizations settled in Anatolia with their great capital Sardis. Sardis  is great ancient city with so many amazing stories. The father of History, Herodotus claims that the city is founded by the sons of Hercules.

Here is another one: Croesus known as Karun in Turkey who is said to be the wealthiest man ever had rumored to be hid his great treasure in this city.

It is not over. Here you can visit and explore one of the seven churches of Asia Minor mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

What else would you expect from a trip, right?

If you are in a hunt of a journey filled with history and great nature, Sardis is a perfect choice you will not regret.

Top attractions in Lydia


Have you ever wondered where is the first mint of the world? If your answer is Madrid, it means that you are watching too much Netflix. You should take a break from La Casa de Papel and maybe visit the real first mint of the world where Lydians invented money for the first time.


Being the first follower of a religion must feel good, right? It is like discovering a band that will be very famous in the future. In Europe, the first person that is known to be the converted to Christianity is a woman named Lydia. And Thyateira is the ancient city where she spent her life. Here you can see the remains of the church dedicated to Lydia.


Do you want to visit the original Philadelphia? The one that is hosting one of the seven churches of revelation is Asia Minor? If your answer is yes, all you need to do is to plan your trip and join the adventure.

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