Pergamon (Pergamum)

Pergamon: World’s First Hospital

Isn’t it impossible to think of a world without hospitals? These days, it is surely impossible. We can thank Pergamon for this obviously, as it is the ancient city where the first healing center Asclepeion was founded. Pergamon, standing in the Aegean region of Turkey, was the capital of Kingdom of Pergamon and the heart of Roman Empire.

Fun fact, the city is also the birthplace of parchment paper, that allowed information and literature got to spread quickly in Anatolia.

What a great place to discover!

There are so much more to discover in the ancient city and unravel its mysteries. If you are interested, pack your bags and join the adventure.

Top attractions in in Pergamon (Pergamum)


Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey, located along the Aegean shore serenaded by region’s mild weather and amazing views. The city is Izmir, with its ancient name Smyrna, was known to take its name from the Queen of Amazons which is a pretty cool fact.


Anatolia has no shortage of the important historical cities. Ephesus is obviously one of them, as it is one of the biggest open-air museums from antiquity that has survived until this date.

House of the Virgin Mary

If we were asked to tell the most important names in Christian world, one of the first names comes to mind would be Saint Mary. I mean, she is the mother of Jesus, right? She has a free pass for life.

Temple of Artemis

Caution! You are about the see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Temple of Artemis, located in the Asia Minor in Ephesus, was built as the largest temple of ancient world.


A great holiday for most of us has some certain elements like great sea, perfect weather, amazing beaches and mesmerizing nature. This is basically the starter formula of a good holiday. But, what is the place for your dream holiday?


Çanakkale is the scene of two of the very important battles that took place in the world history. One is the well-known, legendary Trojan War between the Troy and Sparta. The other is the Battle of Canakkale that marked a great importance for many nations like Turkey, New Zealand and Australia along with the whole world.

Gallipoli Peninsula

Canakkale’s Gallipoli Peninsula is the scene of a very important yet tragic battle that took place in the world history. The Battle of Canakkale marked a great importance for many nations like Turkey, New Zealand and Australia along with the whole world.


Most probably we all saw the movie Troy starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and many more. Isn’t it tragic a whole city going down for a love story?

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