Capital of Music & Poetry in Ancient Era: Aigai

Are you buckled up to discover the ancient city of Aigai that is known to be under the protection of Greek God Apollo. As we cannot imagine Apollo without his lyre, it does not come as surprise that his city is the capital of music and poetry in the Roman Province of Asia Prima. Being one of the 12 Aiol cities according to Herodotus, Aigai is displaying all the glory and pride of the ancient era, welcoming its visitors with many ruins and remains in the archeological excavation sites.

Where is Aigai?

Aigai ancient city’s many ruins can be found in Manisa, Mount Yunt. Moreover, the archeological city is situated on top of Mount Gun and Mount Yunt chain.

When should I go to Aigai?

Aigai welcomes its visitor throughout the year, you just need to date that works best for you and start exploring this magnificent ancient city that is bearing the traces of the most glorious era of Anatolia.

How can I go to Aigai?

Aigai is situated within the boundaries of city Manisa. The closest airports to Manisa are Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport. You can fly to one of them and take a drive to the archeological site.

What will I see in Aigai?

Aigai was the city of Apollo, god of music. Therefore, one of the main landmarks of the city is the Temple of Apollon Khresterios dedicated to city’s protector.

The excavations to reveal ancient city’s secrets have been carried out since 2004. Until now the remains of the agora wall, gymnasium, acropolis, a bouteulerion the odeon, ancient baths and the theatre where the famous gladiator fights took place have been discovered. You can follow the footsteps of the former residents of the area walking along the ruins and remains of the past.

The city’s name is associated with the “goat” as Aigaious means goat in Ionian language. This is why you may see gıat symbols all around.

You can see city’s water of life the Guzelhisar River (Pythikos) from the top of the mountains.

Saying Goodbye

After soaking up all the history and taking a walk along the memory lane, you can leave this amazing city with great memories to remember for a lifetime. You are always welcome to come back.

Top attractions in Aigai


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