Cappadocia is the shining star of Turkey’s Central Anatolian region, an important tourism destination with its unique features. When thinking of Cappadocia, first thing comes to mind is the marvelous landscape that is surrounded by the magical fairy chimneys. These wondrous natural formations give a mysterious effect to these lands. The natural wonders are not the only attraction of the region. Cappadocia has such a rich history that had built up for centuries. It hosted many civilizations, that left unforgettable traces on its legacy. Hopping on a hot air balloon and enjoying the mesmerizing views from the endless sky, or diving into the underground cities,… There is a lot to discover in Cappadocia. If you are planning to visit Cappadocia, you already know the regular travel stuff. We are here to mention some of the most interesting facts about this astonishing destination.

Interesting Facts About Cappadocia

  • The fairy chimneys are natural formations, made up of the lava and tuff after a big volcanic eruption.
  • The name “Cappadocia” comes from Persian word “Katpatuka” meaning “the land of beautiful horses”
  • There are about 600 rock-carved churches in Cappadocia. There is a popular opinion there are many others to be discovered.
  • Some of the wall paintings and frescoes in rock caves features human figures with scratched eyes. That does not have an artistic meaning. The eyes were scratched by people who believed in the “Evil Eye” superstition.
  • Cappadocia is the second largest canyon of the world.
  • Ephesus used to be a seaport city, even though it is now located about 5 kilometers inland.
  • Cappadocia was believed to be one of the first settlements of Orthodox Christians who escaped from the Romans.
  • The best grapes of the region are produced in Cappadocia. These grapes are used for wine-making. So, you can taste some of the most delicious wines of Turkey in Cappadocia.
  • The Ihlara Valley is like a secret garden in the heart of brown landscape. With its matchless flora and fauna, it is like the Garden of Eden.
  • Cappadocia has about 50 underground cities up to 8 levels into the east. The underground cities served as a shelter for protection, livestock pen, and storage area for food and drinks.

What to do in Cappadocia?

When it comes to discovering interesting landmarks, Cappadocia can be considered a superstar. You can start your journey exploring the rock-carved churches with exquisite frescoes in Goreme Open Air Museum. You can admire the magical views from above, by joining a hot air balloon ride. You can visit Cavusin, Pasabagi, Zelve Valleys to get bewitched by the most splendid examples of fairy chimneys. If you would like to enjoy a panoramic view of the region, you must definitely climb to the top of the Uchisar Castle. If you are confident with yourself to descend and climb hundreds of stairs, Ihlara Valley is a must see in Cappadocia. You will feel in paradise surrounded by an amazing nature and out of the world formations. You can discover the art of pottery making in Avanos. You can even see some of the most exceptional examples of traditional hand woven carpets. Last but not least, the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli will offer you an unforgettable experience, by giving you an insight about inhabitants from the medieval times.