Pamphylia: The Land Of Ancient Cities

There is something about ancient cities, right? A strange feeling, the goosebumps you get while wandering along the ruins and remains of the past… It must be because even though these cities are like ghost towns nowadays, we still know that they were the center of trade, art, religion back then.

If you are a fan of discovering the ancient cities like us, Pamphylia can be the right address for you. Overlooking the Mediterranean Coast, Pamhylia hosts many ancient cities like Perge, Aspendos, Side and many more.

To unravel the mystries of past glorious days, join the adventure and explore these lands with us.

Top attractions in Pamphylia


Are you ready to discover the best-preserved theatre building from the ancient era of Anatolia? We are talking about Aspendos, the ancient Greco-Roman city has has hosted many civilizations on its lands. Started as an ancient Pamphylian city in Asia Minor, it is ruled by Lycians, then Persians… Of course Alexander the Great came to the stage at some point and conquered the city, then Romans and Byzantians reigned before Seljuks, Ottomans and lastly the Turkish Republic. The city theatre of Aspendos associated with many of these civilizations, it is called as the Greek Theatre, the Roman Theatre, etc…


Anatolia has no shortage of ancient gems and Perga is no exception. The heart of ancient Pamphylia region situated between the two rivers Catarrhactes (Duden) and Cestrus (Aksu) offers and exquisite nature and great history to its visitors.


Are you looking for a holiday full of sun, sea and beach? Well, Side is some of the most obvious locations for your choice. However, Side is full of surprises.
Ruins of ancient city in Side, Turkey

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