Lycia: Ancient History In Mediterranean

Lycia is an ancient region standing on the southern part of Turkey, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the glorious Taurus Mountains. Seems like the region claimed a great place for settlement.

Lycia has been the home of many ancient cities throughout its history from Myra and Patara to Simena and Xanthos. The region has a great memory, many stories to tell and numerous ruins and remains celebrating the past glorious days.

If you are interested in discovering the ancient history of Anatolia, you must definitely visit the ancient Lycian region.

Top attractions in Lycia


Is Santa Claus really from the North Pole? As fas as the history speaks he is originally from Anatolia, the village Patara specifically. So he is more likely to have a slightly tanned skin tone and brown eyes.


There is not a lot of city in world history that is famous with its passion of freedom and independence. Xanthos is a well-known ancient Anatolian city that is besieged by many powerful armies including Persians, Macedonians and Romans.


We always pictured Santa Claus as an old man with gray hair and blue eyes. Is it correct though? Considered that he is originally from Anatolia, from Myra specifically, so he is more likely to have a slightly tanned skin tone and brown eyes.

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