Bithynia: Ancient Region Of Asia Minor

Home of many great ancient philosophers, physicians, mathematicians and many more, Bithynia is one of most important cities of the Asia Minor. The city hosted many civilization for the Kingdom of Pontus to Romans and Turks.

Bithynia is the birthplace of Helena, known as the wife of Roman emperor Constantius Chorus. Did not ring a bell? She is the mother of Constantine the Great, we can hear you saying that’s more like it.

Bithynia has raised many important people of their time such as Dionysius of Heraclea, the astronomer and mathematician Theodosius and the physician Asclepiades of Bithynia.

Visit Bithynia and return to your home with pocketful of amazing stories and legends.

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Iznik, also known as Nicaea, is one of the most important settlements of Turkey that dates back to ancient times. With a trace of past in each corner, the city can be described as an open air museum. It held its importance both for Christianity and Islam for ages.

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