Lycaonia: Land of Freedom

Are you in the mood for discovering the ancient region in the heart of Anatolia? Lycaonia if the large region, neighbors with the important ancient cities like Galatia, Phrygia and Pisidia. Basically it is a craddle of civilizations, ruled by many nations throughout its history from Persians and Romans to Seljuks and Ottomans. The people of Lycaonia were known as fearless warriors that gave great importance to their freedom.

In order to explore the history legacy Lycaonia, plan your trip right away and join the adventure.


Top attractions in Lycaonia


Konya is one of the most important cities of Turkey, located on the Central Anatolia region of the country. The city gracefully earns the title with its famous Mevlana, the Sufi mystic mostly known as Rumi worldwide. Being the symbol of tolerance and humanism, Rumi has been a guide to many people on this journey we call life.

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