Kocaeli ( Izmit )

Kocaeli (Izmit): A Bithynian City Near Istanbul

If you are thinking all the ancient cities are gathered in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, you are mistaken. In Marmara Region, near Istanbul an ancient Bithynian city Kocaeli, also known as Izmit, stands still.

Nowadays, being busy as one of the most important industrial cities of the country used to be a significant ancient city. Surrounded by the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, Kocaeli bears the traces of the ancient times along with many civilizations that once rules these lands from Byzantians to Seljuks and Ottomans.

Izmit is a great getaway location for people who are looking for a break from Istanbul’s hustle with its provinces with exquisite nature like Korfez, Dilovası. It also hosts one of the most important skiing centers of Turkey, Kartepe.

For a refreshing break, Kocaeli is welcoming you with open arms.

Top attractions in Kocaeli ( Izmit )


Would you like to get some fresh air nearby Istanbul? Are you looking for a break from Istanbul’s crowd but you cannot leave for long? Masukiye is definitely your savior then with its great nature and its relaxing atmosphere. It is a district of Kartepe town of Kocaeli.

Lake Sapanca

Istanbul is great city; but we all must accept it is very crowded and intimidating from time to time with its hustle and bustle. However, you can also steal a day from your routine and visit Lake Sapanca.


It is no surprise you want to visit Istanbul, as it is the center of history and tourism of Turkey. But, let's admit that, the metropol city can be very overwhelming at times with its constant hustle and bustle.


Isn't it everybody's dream to be two different places at the same time? Istanbul is the metropol city of Turkey that can grant this wish. The city connects the continents of Europe and Asia with the amazing Bosphorus, while offering some of the most exquisite city views of the world.

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