Kingdom of Pontus

Kingdom of Pontus: Hellenistic Dynasty on Black Sea

Turkey has a great diversity of cultures scattered all along the county. Black Sea hosted one of the most important Hellenistic kingdoms: Kingdom of Pontus. Occupying the southern part of the Black Sea region the kingdom reigned in the cities Amasya and Sinop.

With the mesmerizing views of the Black Sea, the glorious misty mountains and the mystical forests; Kingdom of Pontus resembled a heaven on earth. The area still bears the glorious traces of the past and the perfect harmony of Hellenistic, Greek and ancient Anatolian cultures.

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If you are looking for an adventure to discover the rock-carved tombs of Pontus kings, to learn about the Ottoman princes who are trained for governing and ruling and to follow the footsteps of the famous geographer Strabon; Amasya is the right address for you.

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