City of Ottoman Princes & Pontus Kings: Amasya


If you are looking for an adventure to discover the rock-carved tombs of Pontus kings, to learn about the Ottoman princes who are trained for governing and ruling and to follow the footsteps of the famous geographer Strabon; Amasya is the right address for you. Hosted many civilizations throughout its history from Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians to Armenians, Byzantians, Seljuks and Ottomans, Amasya bears the traces of the past glorious in every corner. Along with the famous graves of the kings of Pontus, Amasya is well-known for its great nature overlooking the Black Sea, lovely wooden houses and a local Shakesperian love story.

Where is Amasya?

Amasya is situated in the northern part of Turkey, surrounded by the Black Sea and Yesilirmak River. Due to its climate, the city is covered with forests that may give you an oxygen hangover.

When should I go to Amasya?

You can visit Amasya four seasons, 365 days. Whatever works for you.

How can I go to Amasya?

If you are traveling to Amasya from Istanbul or any other city, you can fly to Amasya Merzifon Airport, or you can prefer Samsun Carsamba Airport, that can offer more flight frequency, and take a bus or train to Amasya.

What will I see in Amasya?

The question is what cannot I see in Amasya, actually. Because there are a lot of landmarks that have great value for different cultures. Whatever you are interested in, Amasya gives you some of that.

You may start with the historical wooden Ottoman houses and Yaliboyu houses to get familiar with the Ottoman architecture and culture.

You can shed a light on city’s Hellenistic legacy while visiting the rock-carved tombs and royal palace of Pontus kings at Harsena , Harsene Tower and Aynali Cave.

You can learn about Ottoman education system in Enderun Tower and visit the glorious Hazeranlar Mansion.

Amasya was an important city in Ottoman era. The princes was sent to here to gain experience about governing. One of the most famous princes, Prince Mustafa (Sehzade Mustafa) was in charge of Amasya right before his tragic demise. In Amasya you can visit the tombs of important figures in Islamic world like Pir Ilyas or Bektasbaba. You can also explore Amasya Castle to gain more insight about the life in Amasya back then.

The Archeological Museum of Amasya displays many artifacts and remains from the 13 civilizations that reigned on these lands including mummies from the Ilkhanid period.

The name “Amasya” is said to be coming from Amasis, queen of Amazon that is believed to lived here according to Strabon. This information might not be all true, but it sure is very cool.

The city is the birthplace of a very tragic love story: The Story of Ferhat and Sirin. To summarize a local boy named Ferhat falls in love with the king’s daughter Sirin. The king does not want her daughter to marry with a poor man; so he tells that Ferhat can marry with Sirin under one condition: He should find a way to bring water to the city, even though the city is surrounded by mountains. Ferhat works day and night, tries to make a whole in the mountains and he manages it miraculously. However the king creates a diversion, sends Ferhat a word telling that Sirin died. Devasted by the terrible news Ferhat kills himself. His dead by the reaches the city by the flowing water. After Sirin hears that her love’s passing, she kills herself on the spot, too. Ferhat’s ambition is always associated with patience and the fact that no barriers can stand in front of love. To immortalize this tragic story, the mountains are named Ferhat Mountains and the water canal is also named after Ferhat. Sounds like a tragic black and white movie, right? You can go and check the mentioned areas to relive this love story.

You can also see the Sarayduzu Casern, that is the mansion where an important event of Turkish history took place. On 1919, Amasya Circular was signed here, marking one of the most determining times of Turkish independence movement.

Saying Goodbye

Amasya offers a great deal of historical discovery options, that you may decide to come back and spend some more time.

Top attractions in Amasya

Kingdom of Pontus

Turkey has a great diversity of cultures scattered all along the county. Black Sea hosted one of the most important Hellenistic kingdoms: Kingdom of Pontus. Occupying the southern part of the Black Sea region the kingdom reigned in the cities Amasya and Sinop.


Corum is one of the most significant cities of Turkey’s Central Anatolia region. The city is well-known for its roasted chickpea production; but it is only the visible part of the iceberg.


The city Corum, located in the Central Anatolian region of Turkey host a very special city. Hattusa is the capital of Hittite empire that was the first Anatolian civilization and the nation that made a lot of “firsts” in Anatolia.


Hittites are the first civilization on historical ages that came to Anatolia and called “dibs.” Therefore, they are the first settlers of the region. The Hittites were a matriarchal civilization that gave women a great importance. How cool is that they were feminists thousands of years ago even though women are still fighting for their rights on our time.

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