Laodicea: City Of Revelation

Did you know that Laodicea is the host of one of the Seven Churches of Revelation?If not, you learnt now. Time to take an action. You can start exploring the ancient city ruins and remains displaying the glorious Hellenistic period and discover the Church of Laodicea, where Apostle John sent the letter of revelation as a message to fellow Christians.

You can follow the footsteps of the daily life back then and unravel the mysteries with the companionship of a professional guide. You can soak up the history under the clear sky accompanied by the red poppies surrounding the ancient ruins.

Ancient ruins in Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Turkey.

Top attractions in Laodicea


Turkey has a lot to offer when it comes to amazing natural wonders. Every corner is a miracle a magic work of mother nature.Pamukkale is obviously one of the first places comes to mind when talking about Turkey's natural beauties.


Turkey has a lot to offer when it comes to history. Every corner is a monument, every hilltop is sanctuary… Hierapolis is one of the most amazing examples of these historical wonders of Turkey.


Denizli is one of the most important cities of Turkey, situated on the Aegean region of the country. If your travel’s motivation nature, good! Denizli has what you need.


Anatolia has no shortage of the important historical cities. Ephesus is obviously one of them, as it is one of the biggest open-air museums from antiquity that has survived until this date.


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