Sirince Village

Sirince Village: Survivor Of The Doomsday

According to the Mayan calendar, the world was supposed to come to an end on 2012 and there was only one place that would not be affected by the doomsday: Sirince Village.

Sirince was a Greek village before the population exchange between Turkish Republic and Greece on 1923. It hosted Turks and Greeks for altogether in great harmony for centuries. The village was a place of tolerance where a church and a mosque stood side by side.

The lovely village welcomes its visitors with open arms, surrounded by historical houses all around and friendly people who are still following the traditions.

It is not fair to talk about Sirince and not mention its great wines. People of Sirince produces some of the finest wines of Turkey; so do not forget to try some while you are there.

Top attractions in Sirince Village


Anatolia has no shortage of the important historical cities. Ephesus is obviously one of them, as it is one of the biggest open-air museums from antiquity that has survived until this date.

Temple of Artemis

Caution! You are about the see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Temple of Artemis, located in the Asia Minor in Ephesus, was built as the largest temple of ancient world.

House of the Virgin Mary

If we were asked to tell the most important names in Christian world, one of the first names comes to mind would be Saint Mary. I mean, she is the mother of Jesus, right? She has a free pass for life.


Did you know that one of the biggest open-air museums of the world is located in Anatolia? Selcuk is an ancient city within the boundaries of Izmir province and it is hosting some of the greatest landmarks of the ancient world.


A great holiday for most of us has some certain elements like great sea, perfect weather, amazing beaches and mesmerizing nature. This is basically the starter formula of a good holiday. But, what is the place for your dream holiday?


Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey, located along the Aegean shore serenaded by region’s mild weather and amazing views. The city is Izmir, with its ancient name Smyrna, was known to take its name from the Queen of Amazons which is a pretty cool fact.

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