Mysia: Ally City Of The Trojans

We all know what a big and impactful war was the Trojan War. As a war this big, it is hard to think that the Trojans and Spartans were the only ones who fought. Every war has two sides. In this war, the fearless warriors of Mysia chose to stand with their neighbors Troy.

Mysia ancient city is one of the important historical values of Turkey, displaying the glory of the past in its ruins and remains.

If you would like to discover this ancient city, pack your bags and join the adventure.

Top attractions in Mysia

Pergamon ( Pergamum )

Isn't it impossible to think of a world without hospitals? These days, it is surely impossible. We can thank Pergamon for this obviously, as it is the ancient city where the first healing center Asclepeion was founded. Pergamon, standing in the Aegean region of Turkey, was the capital of Kingdom of Pergamon and the heart of Roman Empire.


Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey, located along the Aegean shore serenaded by region’s mild weather and amazing views. The city is Izmir, with its ancient name Smyrna, was known to take its name from the Queen of Amazons which is a pretty cool fact.

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